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Leader-Led Trips 

There are other ways to immerse yourself in a dōTERRA sourcing location, other than a Cō-Impact Sourcing Trip. Diamond Leaders and 25 Collective Members can host a trip of their own in a doTERRA sourcing location, something we call a “Leader-Led Cō-Impact Sourcing Trip.” This option is for a multi-day trip, a true adventure. Or if you prefer a short visit for a few hours, we have options for you, too, something called a "Leader-Led Sourcing Experience."​

There are several differences between a Cō-Impact Sourcing Trip and a Leader-Led trip. The most obvious difference is that the latter is truly led by the leader, so the agenda can be adapted where possible to what matters most to, and the pace and style, of each group. While these trips won’t be accompanied by dōTERRA staff, the dōTERRA sourcing team on the ground will be able to provide tours of sourcing locations and/or factories on one day during the trip.​

Bulgaria 2023 - Terra Roza-230.jpg
Leader-Led Co-Impact Sourcing Trips

Kenya, KMR, Bulgaria

Day visit
Leader-Led Sourcing Experiences

KMR, Pennsylvania

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