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Distillery Tours – Pennsylvania

Located in Northwestern Pennsylvania, doTERRA’s Woodside Oils sustainably produces Birch essential oil from the surrounding forests. Wellness Advocates who are Diamond and above or who are members of the 25 Collective can organize trips with a small group to visit the distillation facility and the forests for an immersive experience in the sourcing and production of this essential oil.​

Visits to the facility would last up to an hour for a group of up to 30 people.  During this time, your group would receive a tour of the facility and have the opportunity to learn directly from the experts. Visits can take place all year, with the exception of mid-April to July, which is known as “slipping season,” during which time the bark naturally falls off the trees when harvested and so distillation cannot take place consistently. ​

Visitors to Woodside Oils will come away with knowledge of the history of Birch in the forestry industry and as an essential oil, as well as the process for distillation. They will get to see the raw material before it gets distilled and then the actual distillation, learning about each step in the production. Finally, they would visit the lab, see the raw oil, and learn more about the process once the oil leaves Woodside Oils and reaches doTERRA’s facility in Utah. ​

If a larger group would like to also visit the facility or forest to see the Birch trees in the wild, this can be arranged, but would require a bit of extra planning​

Learn more about the production of Birch essential oil and the history of Woodside Oils here.

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Woodside Oils is located in Kane, Pennsylvania, which is about 2 hours south of Buffalo, NY, 3.5 west of Cleveland, OH, and 2.5 hours north of Pittsburgh. Located near the Allegheny National Forest, Kane has no scarcity of outdoor activities in the area – hiking, biking, canoeing or kayaking, and even off-highway vehicle (OHV) trails. While accommodations in Kane itself are limited, there is a local Bed and Breakfast,  Kane Manor, that is a 13-room historic manor. Additionally,​ there are nice accommodations available around the National Forest within a 45-minute drive.​

Groups might also want to add on visits to a few sites in the area including the Kinzua Bridge and the Thomas Kane Memorial Church.​

Any accommodations or additional activities would need to be arranged on your own.​

Nearby Airports:​

Buffalo, NY – 2 hours​

Cleveland, OH – 3.5 hours​

Pittsburg – 2.5 hours​

How do I join?​

To reserve your visit, please follow this link, where you can check the calendar for availability.​


About Woodside Oils

Woodside Oils in the small town of Kane, Pennsylvania is an essential oil distillery for Birch essential oil that is owned and operated by doTERRA. The grand opening on April 4, 2023 marked the opening of the world’s first commercial-scale birch distillery to provide 100% pure Birch essential oil. The oil is produced by the bark of the Sweet Birch trees that grow in the area.  Native to the Northeastern United States, the birch trees are usually used for lumber, wood-chips, and paper. With the production of Birch essential oil, the bark can now also be distilled for essential oil, after which the post-distilled bark can still be used for mulch, leaving nearly zero waste.

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