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One Day Distillery Tours - Hawai’i 

Experience the beauty of the Hawai'i Island by immersing yourself in the natural forest of the Kealakekua Mountain Reserve. Wellness Advocates can organize a group to visit the Kealakekua Mountain Reserve (KMR) and participate in the reforestation taking place at the reserve.  ​

Your team will have the chance to work, hike, learn, and grow in a uniquely beautiful environment with support from KMR and Hiki Ola’s staff.  Plant native trees in a small part of the 9,000-acre forest, connecting you and your team to the immense reforestation efforts taking place. Witness the distillation of the ethically harvested Naio and ‘Iliahi (Hawaiian Sandalwood) trees. Learn more about the conservation plan that protects the native trees and plants of KMR. 

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How do I join? ​

Fill out an inquiry with preliminary information. Then the KMR team will set up a time to discuss your inquiry and complete booking.​


4-hour experience: Cultural welcome, small ranch tour, and distillery tour​

6-hour experience: Includes 4-hour experience plus planting native seedlings and interactive experience​

A menu of specific activities will be provided upon booking 

Lunch is not included in this complimentary experience


Infromation for Day Tours ​​ 

Options for Kealekekua Mountain Reserve Day Tours   

All visitors are asked to bring water, a snack or lunch, wear covered shoes, and wear clothing that can be layered for protection as it can be very sunny and hot one hour and cold and rainy the next.  All required tools will be provided by KMR.   

In addition, KMR does not have the ability to transport groups bigger than 11 and ask that each larger group have access to a 4x4 vehicle (preference) or a high clearance vehicle (e.g., SUV, AWD, truck). Up to a maximum of 5 vehicles can be accommodated. 


How many people can be in the group?​

Maximum of 11* is included in the complimentary experience​

*If more than 11, then additional costs may incur​


This is a complimentary opportunity ​

*Any additional requests such as catered lunch, or more buses will incur cost​

Available Dates ​

Although KMR is available to host groups all year, please fill out the form to confirm booking so that your group receives the best experience.  ​

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‘Iliahi (Hawaiian Sandalwood)

About Conservation at the Kealakekua Mountain Reserve 

Located on Hawai'i Island, the Kealakekua Moutain Reserve (KMR) boasts over 9,000 acres of land with precious native plants, including 'Iliahi trees. This lush forest is protected by a conservation easement, or a legal agreement that limits the use of the land to protect its conservation values. The management plan limits harvest of the native trees and plants, guaranteeing the regeneration and prosperity of the forest. Although trees are harvested at KMR, the amount and types of wood harvested are overseen by both this management plan and the state of Hawai'i to support efforts to reestablish a healthy forest in KMR. ​

Our current efforts focus on building a healthy forest which includes a considered approach for each tree.  Management practices include the harvest of dead, severely damaged, or trees in decline to reduce space and light competition for existing healthy trees and newly planted trees.  This enables these trees to flourish and grow to maturity before they are harvested at the appropriate time in their natural life-cycle. With proper management and reforestation efforts in place, sustainable harvesting of 'Iliahi is possible, and beneficial, in advancing our initiative to restore the forest to its original beauty and vitality. The skilled professionals at KMR, the cooperative and consistent engagement with the State of Hawai'i's Division of Forestry and Wildlife, the management objectives, an extensive nursery, and our ambitious reforestation efforts work together to help 'Iliahi and other native Hawaiian species thrive once more.   



KMR Inquiry Form

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