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Cō-Impact Sourcing Trip - Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country rich in culture, beautiful scenery, and an agricultural heritage that produces many of your favorite doTERRA essential oils—Lavender, Melissa, Helichrysum and more!  Bulgaria is home to Esseterre, doTERRA’s premier distillation facility and scientific lab, which not only sets the standard in distillation of the plant material grown in Bulgaria, but also leads the way on the art of distilling many resins from around the world including Frankincense and Myrrh. On a Cō-Impact Sourcing Trip to Bulgaria during the world-famous lavender harvest, you will have distillery tours, service opportunities, and sightseeing. 



Each trip's itinerary will change slightly based on time of year, farmers schedule, service opportunities and other variables but the trips will generally be structured as follows.

DAY 1  
•    Arrival in Henri Coandă International Airport (OTP) in Bucharest, Romania
•    Airport pickup and transportation to Athenee Palace Bucharest
DAY 2 
•    Private Group lunch
•    Transfer to Maritim Hotel Paradise Beach Resort in Albena, Bulgaria
•    Evening at leisure in Albena
DAY 3  
•    Private breakfast program   
•    Departure to Esseterre tours & Lavender field tours
•    Depart for a group lunch
•    Return to hotel – evening at leisure
DAY 4  
•    Transport for a day of service
•    Depart for Farewell Dinner
DAY 5  
•    Transport to Athenee Palace in Bucharest, Romania
•    Evening at leisure in Bucharest
DAY 6  
•    Departure

Bulgaria 2023 - Esseterre-60.jpg

Trip Dates

July 8-13, 2024 – dōTERRA International Markets

How do I join?

dōTERRA International Markets will be making the determination for attendance. More information will be provided if there are places available in early 2024.


Trip Price & Inclusions

The total cost of a Bulgaria Cō-Impact Sourcing Trip is approximately $2,500 USD per participant. Airfare to and from Bulgaria is not included in the trip price.

Pricing is based on double occupancy – meaning each participant will share a room with another attendee for the entirety of the trip. Each person selected for a CIS trip will have the option to register and pay for one (1) guest or to upgrade your stay to a single occupancy as availability permits.


Trip Inclusions and Accommodations

  • VIP airport transfers 

  • All transfers during the scheduled program.

  • Hotel accommodations for five nights

  • Breakfast daily, and most lunches during program dates

  • Some dinners during the program dates 

  • Other activities provided by dōTERRA as indicated on the program agenda

  • All local taxes, fees, and gratuities throughout the program

  • Corporate representatives, Sourcing partners and security with you during the duration of the trip





Scale: 1 = Most comfortable, least strenuous.  5 = Most rugged and strenuous.

To ensure the safety of all involved, each participant will be required to complete a medical questionnaire, to be reviewed by doTERRA’s Security Team. If any concerns arise, participants will be contacted.

Proximity to Medical Help
Physical Exertion
Road Conditions
Sleeping and Hygiene Accommodations
Weather Conditions



How many people can go on this trip?

This trip is capped at 40 attendees


How much of this trip will I need to plan?

You will oversee organizing any activities during your leisure time as well as your flights to and from Bucharest, Romania. Please make sure you have a valid passport with an expiration date at least 6 months after your return date.


Can I extend the trip?

There is no formal extension available for purchase on a Bulgaria Cō-Impact Sourcing trip. You are welcome to extend on your own, but all assistance from dōTERRA and our partners, including transfers to the airport for departures, will end on the last day of the trip agenda. 

Are vaccinations required to enter Bulgaria?

While certain vaccinations are strongly recommended, no vaccinations, including for COVID-19, are required for entry to Bulgaria (as of August 2023). 

You can monitor the CDC’s guidance and find up-to-date information regarding vaccination requirements at the following websites:


We encourage all travelers to review the information available and make the best decision that matches your personal and medical needs. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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